Game Development for the masses

For everyone that's wanted to make a game, and never knew where to start. Or those that know exactly what they're doing, and could use a networked tool to make their job easier.

Creightr can even help teach you how to program as you take small steps from using its tools, to using the visual programming, to actually hand writing extensions yourself. It enforces object-oriented programming without you having to even think about it.

It all runs on the web, with nothing to install, giving the maximum visibility to potential players.

Creightr is not currently ready for the public. It needs a lot of servers purchased, and a few last finishing touches before that.

It needs your support to happen! Share it with your friends, and Pre-register. That way you'll get an email once the Kickstarter launches.

Get started on your game now

Create; don't worry about making it work

Foremost, Creightr is about making games easily. Not just so that anyone can do it, but to make things easier for those that can program as well. With the functionality built into it, and its visual programming, it is rock solid stable and efficient. In testing so far, it has never crashed.

Instead of worrying about how to make your game able to handle a large number of players affordably, and making sure it's reliable, you can just design your game. The only way it'll crash is with faulty third-party functions added to it. So much work has gone into making Creightr as efficient as possible, so you don't have to.

If a limited-performance free server isn't enough for your game's popularity, there will be dedicated options to handle hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of users, generally for cheaper than any other PAAS offering.


Unique from other engines and tools, Creightr takes a different approach to making it work more like a Content Management System like Wordpress, except to make games. It's also a way to program a server which can serve multiplayer games, instead of just a single player client. It's built to be client-agnostic, so it can even be used as the MMO/Game server with other engines, whether web, desktop, and/or mobile, to power a server for high fidelity game clients. Creightr will ship with its own API for the client, but you can use the power of HTML5 to make it even better (and prettier).

Development made easier & faster

Creightr's development tools run in your web browser. You can grant developer access to anyone you wish. One game can have hundreds working on it - and they can all work together simutaniously.

The tools can be modified just like the client can, adjusting them to the workflow for different types of games such as an RPG, Visual Novel, Card Game, MUD(Multi User Dungeon), FPS, or anything else, really - you can even make a persistent or multi-user web application that's not a game.

The following screenshots are from pre-alpha tools. They are subject to lots of changes and additions based on feedback and seeing how they're used. They will also be open source


First off, the tools are networked together. Many people can work on the same project together. If two people wind up working on the same exact object at the same time, you can see their update and compare the difference to what your currently have, and merge them together.

Automatic Revisions, Patch notes

Past changes are automatically saved as "revisions". You can view previous changes to an object, function, and so on, and revert to those changes if needed. You can also use this to switch between two different states of things, for example: a change during the holidays and then reverting back.

Similarly, Creightr can automatically create patch notes based on changes between a time period, making it easier to document your changes for others to see.

Map creation and plugins


Many optimisations are built around 2d movement on texture maps. However, you can even use an entirely different system for movement and the enviroment(such as something 3D), but this is how Creightr works by default. You can easily "paint" your levels, and then style them with this data using CSS, canvas, webGL, and more.


Plugins can extend the tool, just like they can the game client. For example, a plugin may add tileset functionality, and have different themes for different tiles. Then it'd also change the tools to something like this, where you can paint the map to appear how it would in game.

A default game, visually programmed

Creightr uses a system of visually programming that you can completely program the behavior of your game in, along with the use of plugins to change the client side of things. Instead of writing code, you are simply clicking buttons. There is heavy use of context sensitivity that auto-completes what you may be looking for to put into the parameter of an argument or function. It has most of the features you'd get from a hand written language, such as mixing of and/or arguments.


When you first launch your own game, you get a basic game, visually programmed, to play around with. This way you have something already running, and you can see how it works by changing what is there, and adding and deleting more.

Besides just reading the descriptions of what functions do, and reading documentation, you can see how they are actually used.

Custom functions, written in JS

This is where almost all the functions in the visual programming comes from, so you can view how they work or write your own.

As long as you follow a few guide lines, functions you write will integrate into the tool to be used with the visual programming. It'll show the description in the list of functions, and it'll show the required parameters, their type, and whether they're optional or not.

The functions that "ship" with the tool won't be modifiable as that could break compatability with different plugins, but they are there to view and see how they work.

Generally you don't need to use these, or it will be plugins that add more to the list. You can already program complex AI and other scripts with just the few functions that are built in. The ability to write custom functions is more when you want to simulate the flow of oxygen out of a space station, and things like that.

Everything simulated on the server

First off, to be clear, you don't have to make a multiplayer game. It can be single player.

Every website, every MMO, and most games use a client-server model.

This is where a server is connecting all the clients(player's games) to sync them up. Sometimes, though, there isn't really a simulation running on the server that keeps everything accurate.

Creightr is efficient enough where in most cases, you can keep the perfect simulation of your game world that you'd expect, which notifies all clients that should know of the changes automatically. This lets make a persistent world that changes over time. It also allows you to make cheating impossible, and to have a working economy.

For very fast paced games, like FPS and Hack&Slash, you can roll your own interpolation, or a plugin can do it for you.


Unlike, well, anything else out there, games on Creightr can always have their content updated without needing a restart or a patch. You can update your real time, with the changes immediately visible and accessible to the people currently playing. Only core engine changes require a restart.

Dedicated vs Shared


Shared is how most people will use Creightr. This is what you get once you've just named your game and clicked to launch it. It's a piece of a large server, with your one page on this site for your game.


For those that need more power for their game server, you can get a dedicated gameserver. You can keep the web hosting here, or, like in the diagram, you can have it use your own database and web server, with your own domain name.

Make your game yours with plugins

If you've created a Wordpress blog, or a forum, you'll have an idea of how these work. Plugins can not only completely change how the information from the server is displayed to create the look of your game, but they can even change the tools themselves to change the workflow in a way that fits your game.

For example, your game might use "tilesets", and you'd have a plugin for that and different tileset themes. The same plugin could change the map editing tool to use those features. Or, perhaps you have a bunch of enemy mobs, in which case a plugin would have different settings and areas for visual code to program how they work and to set their placement if they're not placed programmically.

Your game starts one way, ready for content, but you can make or select plugins to drastically change it.

A repository and CDN for plugins will be included, so all you have to do is search for then activate the plugin you want. You don't even need to know how to download and install them.

A hub for games created with Creightr

Besides this site being a place to make your game, it'll also be a place to find ones.

It'll be a place where you know games run well, and probably work well (unless there's some really inefficient third party plugin programming!).

Game's created with Creightr will be listed on the site, with details such as their popularity, last update, and so on. With a single click, anyone can play them, unless they're made private.

Adults-only/NSFW games will either be hidden behind a filter, or there will be a separate website for them.

Make money off your game (if you want to)

Of course you can have your game be free. Free is great. But if you want to monetize it, you'll be helped there too.

You can either take donations and raise funding for your game, or the tools and an API will make microtransactions easy.

People can contribute/buy with Bitpay, Dwolla, Mastercard, Visa, and more, and you don't have to worry about the headache of incorporating those merchant services yourself.

A minority cut will be taken, in exchange for making this all so easy. Creightr just makes money when you do.

Free, basically

You'll be able to sign up and instantly have a game running and its destiny under your control. You don't have to worry about trying it out, but not liking it. You also don't have to worry about spending a dime while you're still developing your game, but it not yet being ready for the public.

This is not simply a free trial; you get complete access to everything, and every free plugin that others offer. Only how much memory and CPU your game draws from the server will be limited. It is unknown how many concurrent users in most cases this will be, until testing and more development is done. I can't give a solid number right now until I see the real world costs. Creightr is extremely efficient, though, so it should be far more than almost anyone would expect.

If you outgrow the performance of the free server, you can get your own dedicated one for a monthly fee. You can even host your own web server, and manage your own database, which integrates with your rented dedicated Creightr server. These will range from $60 a month and up, if not cheaper. A $60/mo server should handle roughly 500-2000 concurrent players, depending on your game/app's design, much cheaper than other PAAS offerings. Both larger servers and scaling tools will be available to handle tens of thousands of concurrent users.

Pre-register, know when it launches

You'll get an e-mail when the Creightr launches, to help make it happen and get it available for anyone that wants to make a game. This'll probably come in late 2016, or 2017.

You won't be spammed, your e-mail won't be sold, and you won't be sent more than 2 e-mails per year about this project at most unless you opt into them later.

Background art derived from GPL art, CC by-sa art by 0 AD, and CC by art by Miroko, Zeedox, DreadKnight666, and Daniel Cook (